Wednesday, June 20, 2012


A problem that is often brought up to Social Media Diva is that some Tweeters feel that their tweets are being ignored, and just sent out into the abyss and then…. nothing.  This is especially painful when you put a lot of thought and effort into constructing the best use of your 140 characters. 
It’s a difficult problem.  There are several avenues available for increasing the likeliness of retweets, clickthroughs and Twitter interaction; today lets look at timing.  After all, they say timing is everything!
Bitly, the url shortening site whose site update I blogged about earlier this month, recently conducted a study of retweets and clickthroughs based on what day and time tweets were posted. 
A pretty cool infogram from Raka Creative details their finding below.  Some takeaways: 
  • Tweeting weekdays (specifically Mon- Thurs) between 1 and 3 pm Eastern will get you the most clickthroughs if you are sharing a link.   Hm!  Is it the afternoon slump or is everyone at Starbucks!?
  • Fewest clickthroughs on links come after 8pm Mon- Thurs or 3pm on Fridays.
Be sure to take into consideration time zones and where your target audience is when you are tweeting!  These are all based on Eastern time zone... not sure why, west coast is the tech coast!

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  1. Ok, thanks for the infographic about right timing posting, how about Facebook and Linkedin?