Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Tailored Trends on Twitter

Thanks to new tailoring, your trending topics will suit you even better!

“Trending topics” are valuable tools to help tweeters discover the most popular topics on Twitter but, until now, have been sortable only by geographic region. 

Yesterday, Twitter announced on its official blog that you will now be the center of its trend algorithm.  In other words, trends will now be displayed based on who you follow as well as on geographic location.

I am thrilled by this news.  Fingers crossed that it means less trending topics like “#URGhettoIf or #BeliebersUnite” --  Really, Twitter!  These are trends social diva and her BFFs find unappealing.  We want to know what our buddies are talking about most and trends early adopters are jumping on.

Of course, the general trending topics will be there if you want to check them out.  The tailored trends will be rolling out as a default setting, but Twitter reports that, if you “want to see a more general list of Trends, just change your location on”.

Is your twitter account more au courant with better fitting trends?  Enlighten us, how is it?

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