Monday, January 7, 2013

Your Twitter Birthday

A baby's first steps, a teen's first kiss, a student's first day of college; life is filled with commemorative 'firsts'.  And the New Year is the perfect time to celebrate firsts! But my first day on Twitter is not one of the occurrences I had thought a lot about. 

Until now.

It's actually quite fun to look back at your Twitter-life and see how long you've been tweeting.  It made me remember signing up for Twitter, just to explore what all the hullabaloo was about.  Who knew it would become such a phenomenon and useful tool in social media and communication - especially for first reports on disasters or other events?  

This site is also useful for something other than just a trip down memory lane.  You can check out when other users' first day on Twitter was as well.

Has your company been Twitter savvy longer than your competitor?  Is the Twitter handle requesting to follow you a twitter-bot that was just created today?  Which of your friends is the real Twitter veteran?

My first Twitter birthday is June 3, 2008.  When's yours!?

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