Monday, October 20, 2014

10 Things NOT To Be This Halloween!

Ever experienced the social faux pas of wearing the same dress as another friend to a party?  Well, gentlemen probably not so much, it's a bigger deal for us ladies.  But let me promise you, it's never fun.  You awkwardly laugh and compliment each other's taste- but you know in the back of your head that everyone at the party is secretly doing a "Who Wore It Better" comparison!  
Well, my friend, let me save you from that- at least for your upcoming Halloween parties! Thanks to digital trend tracking, we can now determine ahead of time the most popular Halloween costumes of the year so you won't show up at a party with 20 people to be compared to!
An analysis of most trending Google searches for Halloween costumes resulted in this list of the most popular predicted trends for this year's costume parties.  The culprits are mostly from popular movies and television (Frozen characters are taking over!).  But even some social media viral videos are on the list! (Spider Dog, anyone!?)
So check out this infographic of Google's predictions for the most popular Halloween costumes!  And if you are looking to be truly unique this Hallows Eve, steer clear!

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