Thursday, January 8, 2015

Fashion and Technology Collide at CES

Technology and Fashion.
These two words don't typically go together.  But at this year's Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, there has been a large focus on incorporating technology into fashion.
Wearables have been a trend now for awhile, everything from Google Glasses to Fitbit.  But to make things even more fashionable, dresses, vests and fabric itself are now being made tech-friendly.
Nick Verreos, of Project Runway fame, hosted FashionWare at this week's CES, a runway show complete with vests that display your latest tweets, dresses that change color with LED lighting and belts that doubled as phone chargers!  
In theory, this is all very cool.  But the looks are still a bit avant garde for my taste.  And while more practical applications like the belt/phone charger do seem like they would be pretty handy, others are kind of silly.  Do I really need my dress to show my latest tweet like I am some kind of walking billboard?   #IDontThinkSo
What do you think of these tech fashion looks?

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