Friday, May 15, 2015

A Womanly Response to the #DadBod Craze!

I've seen a lot of editorial media lately about the "Dad Bod".  This concept has gained national media attention this week, and struck a nerve on social media.  According to pretty irrelevant sources, (come on, guys, it's Cosmo and Glamour that are really focused on this!) the "Dad Bod" is a "mix between maintaining a beer gut and working out".  It has basically been touted as the "real man" and saying women prefer that over a GQ model-type figure.

Okay, let's get this pretty clear that no one is likely bashing some studs in the GQ magazine.  But the #DadBod craze, which trended on social media earlier this week, has quickly been replaced by its female counterpart.  Yeah, you guessed it, the "Mom Bod".  Not to be left out from the "real-self" empowerment, Moms all over have been responding with pictures of their imperfect-but-beautiful selves.  Complete with stretch marks, extra skin, and other small imperfections, the craze has encouraged women to ignore their minor flaws and love their bodies as they are.  Heck, if a man's beer belly can make national news as the new sexiest man characteristic, we can overlook a small imperfection in ourselves!

What do you think of the #DadBod and #MomBod movement?  Is this a fleeting craze or a meaningful movement?


  1. The #DadBod trend is probably a hype. While it certainly tell you the fact that while women do accept a partner that's not physically ideal many women would prefer a fitter guy. I'm a charity model working for a charity and every summer we do a shirtless male calendar and the trend toward fitter guys is pretty clear. Each year we do a questionnaire answered by our female patrons to find out what they like to see in the calendar and what kind of looks they prefer in a man and there's no doubt about their opinion in their preference for fit men.

  2. Interesting insight, t t! Thanks for sharing. I agree that the #DadBob craze was mostly hype. In fact, the hashtag is already wayyyyy down in usage!!