Thursday, January 7, 2016

CES Hashtags Have Been Hijacked! You'll Never Guess Who Did It!

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) opened its doors yesterday in Vegas, and the floodgates of new tech releases and product launches opened too! 

But before I cover all my favorites (Don't worry! I will cover them, check out there's a little snafu happening on social media concerning CES that is just too ridiculous not to talk about!

The CES hashtags have been hacked!! Okay, not REALLY hacked, but hijacked at least!  See, strip clubs all around the area have been using all the #CES hashtags nonstop since the conference started earlier today.  So much so, that you're likely to find just as many ads for strip clubs when using the hashtags as you are finding actual Consumer Electronics Show content!

To be honest, it is not a bad marketing idea.  Companies and brands are smart to tap into large groups of potential consumers in their areas.  But when it is a strip club, it just seems different!  I don't need pictures of girls in skimpy bikinis when I search for cool CES information!

Do you think strip clubs should be allowed to use this hashtag hacking tactic!?

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