Monday, February 1, 2016

#TheDollEvolves: Barbie Back In The Spotlight

Barbie dolls have been dominating social media feeds since Mattel unveiled its new line of dolls last week: The Fashionistas line.  The big news is that the line includes three new body types of the dolls, tall, curvy and petite.  

Social media has been calling for this for years, with blog posts and mocking memes about how unrealistic the original Barbie's body type is.  So you would think the general Twitter-sphere would be overjoyed with this change, right?  Well, kinda right.  The response has been generally positive, but not without its naysayers.  Some people are claiming that the new line, which came with its own hashtag, #TheDollEvolves, was pandering to political correctness or even putting overdue emphasis on the "type" of body that Barbie has.  

But let's not focus only on the negative!  Within hours of the release, Barbie was trending on social media and much of the conversation was high praise!  

What do you think of the new dolls?  Have you been waiting for Mattel to make this change, or do you agree with the naysayers?

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