Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Death by Twitter: The Ultimate Weiner edition

Anthony Weiner… shame on you!  Taking a picture of your nether regions and posting them on Twitter is really the end game of your career.

This is why anyone over a certain age shouldn’t be allowed on Twitter as they obviously don’t get how it works.  When you @ someone, it doesn’t mean it’s private.  On what planet is that a possibility?  People should have to enter their birthday and if they were born before a certain year, NO TWITTER ALLOWED!

This latest craze of taking obscene iPhone photos and plastering them around the web doesn’t seem like it would ever be a good idea, yet every time I turn on my computer there they are.

Life lessons should be learned, but never are.  Anthony Weiner is just one of the many Twitter casualties who have pulled out the tweet gun, loaded it and killed their own career.

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