Tuesday, February 28, 2012

THE OSCARS: Common, Ladies, You’re Better than That!

Maybe this is idealistic, but when a celebrity reaches a certain status, it seems their tactics for attracting attention should shift.  The stunts, scandals and schemes that the up-and-coming use to attract attention and status seem forced and contrived when A-list-ers partake.  There is a point when you need to rely on your craft to keep you relevant.  Or at least there should be.  

Alas, I was twice disappointed Sunday night during the Oscars.

J-Lo’s nip slip.  How is this still happening to celebrities “on accident”? 

Its NOT that hard to cover yourself up.  As a female, I make sure the girls are properly covered each and every time I leave my house... and I am not going out to be followed around by paparazzi let alone to attend the nation’s largest entertainment event of the year.  Not only can you purchase brassieres for every shape size and potential dress neckline, but you can buy a plethora of tapes, adhesives, fabrics and other gizmos to avoid such a “slip”.

Sorry, Jenny from the block, I just don’t buy it anymore.  

Lets face it, while J-Lo is wonderful and looked stunning Sunday night, no one would be mentioning her if it weren’t for this so called wardrobe malfunction.

And Angelina!?  

I can’t stop thinking about that stance.  The awkward, almost defiant pose so overly concerned that the right leg would be fully visible through the high slit in her Atelier Versace gown. Why did she do that?  You are ANGELINA JOLIE!  You are gorgeous and the world knows you have great great legs.  You don’t need to parade like a hopeful starlet, so determined to make sure the dress and leg are positioned just so.  Were you gloating?  Did someone put you up to this?  Just a bad cramp in the hip?

And now that leg is everywhere.  First, the lighthearted antics of The Descendants screenwriters as they accepted their award mocked the ridiculous stance.  Now, Angie’s lovely limb has taken over social media with “Joliening” as the new planking and “legbombing” as the new meme.  

As much as it pained me to watch her persistent posing,  I must admit; It is one darn good looking leg. 

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  1. As to the "why" of a nip slip at such a high-profile event, well, you hit the nail on the head. No one would have talked about J-Lo after/during the event if it weren't for her "accidental" nip slip. Honestly I was wondering why the heck she was even invited to present at the Oscars for goodness sake! Girl knows how to keep her titas covered up and if she doesn't, any one of the stylists/dressers she surely has on staff knows how to keep those babies secure. She was trawling for attention - pure and simple. I guess if you're J-Lo you have to resort to such tricks - Angie on the other hand? That was a surprise.