Monday, March 26, 2012


You may remember in September of last year, Facebook was improving the “Friends Lists” features so that you only saw certain people in your news feed.  That was wonderful.  Except if you have a huge guilt complex, as I apparently do, and you don’t want to label your Aunt Sue or your old project partner from Health Class as an “ACQUAINTANCE” rather than a “FRIEND".

Have no fear, last week Facebook launched a new update that automates your ‘acquaintance’ list for you!  Algorithms compute the friends with whom you communicate the least and offer those as suggestions to be added to your acquaintance list.  Simply approve the list (or remove the people you are secretly stalking first) and you will see less updates from these users in your newsfeed.  Its all based on facts and usage, so no guilt needed.

And, a few bonuses, because I know you are wondering: 
- Acquaintances won't be told they're on this list
- You'll still see the most important updates from Acquaintances - if they move or have a baby - thanks to Facebook algorithms
- You can share posts with "Friends except Acquaintances"

If you are signed in now, just click here:

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