Friday, October 19, 2012

Death By Twitter Rampage!

I'm telling you, these Death By Twitter posts will just never end.  This week's offensive ranter is British soccer star Ashley Cole.  England's Football Association- the target of the angry tweet - fined Ashley £90,000 (aka $145,000) for what they deemed bringing "the game into disrepute".  Ashley's rash reaction was in response to an FA commission questioning the evidence he gave in defending his Chelsea teammate John Terry against a charge of racially abusing an opponent.

Per usual, the tweet was deleted soon after its posting.  But we all know in the social media world, you can delete but you can't hide.  Even with its short-lived initial digital presence, the tweet attracted more than 17,000 retweets and countless screenshots around websites.
Unlike some of our Olympic Death By Twitterers, Ashley escaped a ban from the Football Association, but we are still waiting to hear if his Chelsea team will add to the fine or even decide on other kinds of punishment. 
Which do you think is the most effective consequence for these offensive tweets?  Fines or expulsion?  Or is there a better solution altogether?

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