Thursday, March 28, 2013

Restaurant with a cool 'tude or just being rude??

Restaurant with a cool 'tude or just being rude??

We talk a lot about businesses using Twitter to attract new clients, interact with existing customers and offer special deals to build loyal fans.  But here's a new one, ever thought of using Twitter to SHAME your customers?
WHAT?  Of course not, that would be ridiculous!  But, it is happening.  A popular Vietnamese restaurant in LA, Red Medicine, has been using Twitter to call out guests who make reservations and never show up.  How strange, right?  But it is true, check it out: 

This is unheard of, right?  I mean, sure, it is poor form to just no-show for a reservation.  But in the day of using social media to ENGAGE customers, this seems so backwards!! And, as you'd expect, customers are fighting back with low Yelp scores and scorching comments about the restaurant: 
For what it is worth, though, Red Medicine has been getting a ton of PR over this.  And if you believe the saying that all PR is good PR, then they are doing something right! Also, many other restaurants charge hefty fees for no-shows.   Some might prefer this tweet over a fee! 
What do you think?  Is this just a restaurant with an edgy attitude are these customer-shaming tweets a path to disaster?

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