Wednesday, March 13, 2013

What You Need to Know About The New Facebook Change!

So, Facebook's latest News Feed changes - of course - are news all over. Anytime Facebook makes a large change like this, some people love it and some hate it. Remember the ruckus people put up about switching over to Timeline?
But, let's face it, most of these changes are here to stay no matter how we feel about it. So, might as well make the best of it! And here is how: one key factor to help your company make the most of the new Facebook News Feed!
First, you need to understand the difference in the update. Basically, Facebook is making its site more analogous to a newspaper. Before, the News Feed contained all possible news and updates from your social circles all smashed together into the same feed. Well, now, different sections will be separated, creating what Facebook is touting as a "personalized newspaper". (Um, hello, sound like my fav Flipboard app to anyone else!!??)
So, like a newspaper, the new Facebook feed might still show you the "biggest news" all in one place (think, front page news), and then section out other updates, such as "Likes" (classifieds), "Status Updates" (editorials), etc.
The new challenge will be to get your company's content OUT of the "Likes" category and onto the main New Feed! Or, to follow the newspaper analogy, out of the "Classifieds" section and onto the "Front Page News"!
Now, how to do this. Take a note from Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, who shared at Facebook's press event that over HALF of the content in the main News Feed comprises photos and videos. Why? Easy! People like to view and share photos and videos! It's not enough to get someone to "Like" your page, you need to create engaging, high-quality pictures or videos for your company.
So, stop worrying about the new feed and start planning how you can use this opportunity to better engage your customers! Your Facebook status is depending on it!

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