Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Should Kobe Be Tweeting From The Sidelines?  You Tell Me...

Celebrity tweets and live tweeting from big events seem to be cornerstones of the twittersphere.
But this weekend's Lakers game showed us that the two don't always mesh well.

Lakers superstar Kobe Bryant, who was benched in this weekend's first playoff game due to an injured achilles, live tweeted his thoughts and reactions about the game for his fans and followers. I was pretty surprised by the reaction, and it looks like Kobe was too.  He received a lot of criticism for "attention-whoring" and for critiquing his teammates during their game.  Retweets, trending topics and most of the game's attention seemed to be focused on Kobe's Twitter remarks.  Enough so that Kobe sent out a pretty cryptic tweet on Monday that seems like he won't be live-tweeting anymore.

Like I said, I was pretty shocked by this.  I think its an awesome way to connect with fans.  You KNOW Kobe is dying sitting on the bench and just wishing he could play.  Why not use Twitter as a platform to get those thoughts out!? Plus, you would guess that most of his followers are his FANS.  Wouldn't you think fans would love an inside view into the mind of their future Hall of Famer!? 

Help me out here.  Am I missing something?  Do you think Kobe should stop the sideline Tweets?

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