Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Spring Cleaning Time!

When I hear "Spring Cleaning", I usually want to run to the couch, turn on reality television, and pretend I didn't hear those words!
But mix that idea with online media - my favorite thing ever - and then it gets my attention!
So here are 3 ways to do the kind of "Spring Cleaning" that I appreciate!
1) Clean Off Your Desktop
We start with an easy one, folks! Not only will cleaning off your desktop make each log-in a little easier on the eyes, but it has technical benefits as well. Your computer will start and run faster when it doesn't have to load all your desktop files. Additionally, many auto-backup services don't back up files displayed on the desktop! So move those docs to nicely organized folders and enjoy actually being able to SEE your background image!
2) Clean Out your Passwords
Password breeches are on a rampage! Just last weekend, LivingSocial had its password list hacked, and many other sites have too. And while I know that I am supposed to change my passwords regularly, who am I kidding! I rarely do! So take the time to spring clean your passwords. And while you are at it, make the new ones difficult to guess! Do not use words like "password" "passw0rd" "12345678" or easily guessed words. Hackers have programs that can just test any word in the English dictionary! So try a 12-character password with a random mix of letters and numbers. It may be annoying to remember, but your online safety is worth it.
3) Clean Up Your Twitter
Check out, an easy to use tool to Spring Clean your Twitter! Tweepi can flush out users that that you’re following but who aren’t following you back, reciprocate a follow for users following you, and clean up any users who you are following but aren’t active on Twitter. It's a simple process with Tweepi, just press a button to generate a list of Twitter accounts with details such as bios, when their last tweet was, how many followers they have, and everything else you could want to know. A few minutes on Tweepi and your Twitter feed will have more relevant tweets and less tweets that you probably just ignore anyway!
Do you have any other annual digital spring cleaning tips? Share them below!

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