Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mother's Day!

Moms take over social media!  Check out my favorite displays of motherhood all over digital media!
And this Sunday, use that mobile device to make a call--- to your MOM!!!

1) Quirky Moms on Twitter
Motherhood is full of joys, and these Twitter Moms capture the hilarity in all of them!  Follow their silly snack times, crazy carpools and touching teachings as they navigate family life with a sense of humor!  Lots of moms tweet, of course, but check out these three for some giggles: 

@Carbosly: My husband brought the kids to a baseball game so I woke them up at 2am to feed them candy. No way I'm losing the "favorite parent" battle.
@KelleysBreakRm: Neat birthday party trick: dump Swedish Fish in a small fish bowl, tell all the kids the fish died, stick your face in the water & eat them.
@KellyOxford: If you haven't listed every single thing your kid is afraid of and hates to eat and told them "THAT'S WHAT JAIL IS" You're doing it wrong.

2) Memorable Mother's Day Merchandise on Etsy

Etsy is well known for its custom stores selling homemade, unique items.  A perfect place for a Mother's Day gift.  If you are still looking for the perfect gift, check out these three awesome shops.   Be sure to check rush delivery, though, you are running out of time!

Cardtorial: I love these personalized wooden cards!

Lilly Reed: Custom iPhone cases for a tech-savvy momma.

Soap For Your Soul: Eco-friendly moms will love these vegan soaps!

3) Funny Texts from Moms on DamnYouAutoCorrect
If you haven't seen this site yet, you are missing out.  I wonder if it is a coincidence that some of the best entries to the site are from Moms.  A few of my faves below, but visit the site to browse if you want to keep laughing.

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