Thursday, May 30, 2013

Get Ready, Twitter! Here Comes Hillary!

Is it really starting already? I feel like I was JUST posting about politics on social media and how cool it was that candidates were using different media because I was tired of ads.
And while I still think its cool, we JUST got done!
Nevertheless, Twitter has been abuzz with rumors that former Secretary of State - and possible 2016 presidential candidate - Hillary Clinton will soon be taking political aim on Twitter. Not surprising, really, after the success Barack Obama had in garnering support through social media. But, come on. It's May 2013. I guess you can't blame them for creating buzz!
It's not official yet, of course, but reports are already out on USA Today and Politico. And the reported handle, @hillaryclinton, currently shows protected tweets, just baiting us even more!
It was just over a month ago that her husband, Bill Clinton, joined Twitter- but with much less fanfare. Currently, @billclinton has totaled 26 tweets. Let's hope that all the ruckus about Hillary's handle amounts to more than that!
So, what do you think, are you ready for 2016 campaigning to start?

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