Friday, June 28, 2013

A New Spin On "Six Seconds of Fame"

There has been a lot of movement lately in the short-video sharing space.  Whether it is Vine or Instagram, people love it.  But what about making a living from it?  Or how about using it to gain a life of fame and fortune?
Well, get this, Gary Vaynerchuk, a legendary brand consultant and author, is starting a talent agency specifically for stars of Vine.  Yes, those who have garnered large followings for their 6-second videos will now have a new avenue to achieve fame.  The agency, reported to be called "Grape Story" will capitalize on the skill set needed to create compelling and popular stories in mere seconds.  
And this new set of digital starts already has a company looking to hire them!  Apparently, Virgin Mobile is looking to contract the clients of Grape Story for new partnerships.  And according to Vaynerchuk, this could mean big bucks.  He thinks an average of 20 videos a year could make someone a great living.  Wow.  Living off of work that takes you a total of 2 MINUTES seems crazy.  What do you think about this new kind of fame?  

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