Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Time To Tweet Royally

The biggest news in social media last week would probably have to be that news which was of royal proportions.
That's right, the royal baby.
Surrounding the birth last Monday, hash tags including #RoyalBabyWatch and #RoyalBirth flooded Twitter and Facebook posts. But now, almost two days 
later, the chatter has quieted a bit and we're beginning to see some of the gems through all the noise.
And who else to cash in on this royal infamy than good old consumer brands on Twitter!  Remember when Oreo posted this ad on Twitter during the Superbowl blackout?  That was so relevant and timely it seemed amazing!  

Well, tons of brands are now cashing in on this real-time tweeting to newsworthy events.  Check out some of the most outrageous from the #RoyalBirth!

My personal favorite is the Play-doh one.  I mean, come ON! Who doesn't love a royal baby built from Play doh!?  

Did you have a favorite? Or see any others you think are worthy of an honorable mention?

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