Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Government Shutdowns on Twitter!

The government shutdown.

It's what everyone is talking about.
And while you may not have experienced ramifications of this yet in your day to day life, I'm gonna clue you in on some that are on Twitter!
Yup. When certain government sections are shut down, well it means their Twitter accounts are shut down too! So for now, until they get this mess fixed, here are 5 Government accounts that you shouldn't expect to hear tweeting....
1. U.S. Capitol (@USCapitol): Probably to be expected (and not sure who follows this anyway) but no more tweets from the Capital for now.
2.FAA Safety Briefing (@FAASafetyBrief): More relevant I might say, this account is meant to update with flying safety news, but is shutdown for now.
3. StatueOfLiberty (@StatueLibrtyNPS): Hope you weren't planning a visit to Lady Liberty any time soon. You won't be able to check her out on Twitter if you were.
4. National Zoo (@NationalZoo): Another main tourist attraction down. And not only is their Twitter down but so is the Panda Cam feed (which was just adorably cute, by the way!)
5. NASA's Asteroid Watch (@asteroidwatch): Let's just pray no asteroids are on a collision course with earth right now or us Twitter-folk will be in for a surprise!
How else have you been effected by the shutdown?

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