Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Best April Fools' Day Jokes of 2015

Don’t trust anything you see in your Twitter Feed or Facebook News Feed today.  At least not without verifying it.  That’s right, it’s April Fools' Day.

Of course, friends will be playing pranks on each other at work and posting fake Facebook announcements.  I think, though, that the real fun of April Fools' Day is to see how big brands respond.   And this year, we’ve got some doozies.

A drumroll, please for my top 5 Social Media April Fools' Day Jokes!

HINGE’S PLAYDATEDating app Hinge released its “newest” feature, PlayDating!  A dating app for 2-5 year olds looking for playdates.  The company flirts the line of a spoof product well in its pretend advertisement, and the little kids are just adorable!!

GOOGLE’S INBOX SMARTBOXGoogle had several jokes going on this year.  My personal fave is the fake ad the google gang made for a “revolutionary new mailbox”.  The Smartbox holds your snail mail, is activated by a wave of the hand, sparks those trying to put junk mail into your mailbox and has temperature controls AND video messaging! (WEIRD!!)
Check out the video, you might just find yourself wanting a SmartBox!

AMAZON 1999In a April Fools' Day throwback, has redone its entire site to look like it is 1999!  Check it out!  It is fascinating, actually to see how far we’ve come. There used to be SO much text and no pictures!! Goes to show that the internet quickly learned the power of visual imagery!

SELFIE SHOEA shoe company, Miz Mooz jumped in on the April Fools' Day action with a brilliant but fake new product, the selfie shoe.  Is it bad that I kind of want a pair?!  The selfie shoe has a slot for your phone and an internal button to take a selfie with a tap of your toe!  The video is hilarious and I now want to cut slits in my shoes to try this!

HONDA’S HR-V SELFIE EDITIONAlso in on the selfie spoof is Honda!  Honda’s “new” car has built-in selfie-ready features.  As its spoof ad puts it, “Every Honda comes with a rear view camera.  But the Honda HR-V Selfie Edition comes with the kind of camera I look for in a car.  It has TEN different selfie cameras!”  This would solve some problems for all those in-car selfies we see every day!

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