Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Why Lindsay Shouldn't Post In Arabic!

Oh, L.Lo.  What are we going to do with you!
I just see the name Lindsay Lohan in a headline now, and I assume it is going to be about something ridiculous.
Well, this week is no different.
Monday, Lindsay posted an inspirational quote to her Instagram followers (she has over 3 million followers!).  The picture, in English, said "You're beautiful" and then had an Arabic translation beneath.  Very nice.  Except, the translation was wrong.  Oops.  The Arabic portion actually translates into "You are a donkey" or "You are an ass".  

How does this even happen? Where did she get the pic!? Does she know Arabic?  This should be a general rule for posting languages: If you can't translate it yourself, don't post it!

Of course, Lindsay has taken down the blooper of a post, but not before setting off the social media world. If you notice #YouAreADonkey trending, now you know why!

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