Friday, June 12, 2015

Twitter Test

Quick test.
What do you think of when you think of Twitter?
Now, try to describe Twitter in a single sentence.

No matter how much of a Twitter-expert you are (or are not!), your sentence probably had something to do with the concept of 140 characters.  The short messages are what Twitter is KNOWN for.  And at Casey & Sayre, we know the importance of building a brand to be recognizable and known for something!

But Twitter has announced a first step outside that brand identity.  Next month, you'll be able to send messages longer than 140 characters in Twitter!  Now, before you freak out, this change is limited only to direct messages.  Regular tweets will still have the 140 character cap.  But the announced change took many in social media by surprise.  Some have even speculated that it could be signalling a change in the entire strategy of Twitter.  Could all tweets soon have no limitations on length?  And how would that change all that Twitter has become?

What do you think?  Would your Twitter usage change if there was no 140-character limit?

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