Friday, June 5, 2015

What Better Friday Happy Hour Than Celebrating #NationalDonutDay!

It's National DONUT Day!  Yes, friends, that is a thing!  And there are few things in life that make as many people happy as the humble donut.  That's probably why it has its own "national day"!  In fact, that's probably why #NationalDonutDay has been a trending Twitter topic ALL WEEK!  Well, the day is finally here, and there's still time to check out these top 5 places to get FREE donuts in LA!

Spudnuts are made with potato flour, making them super light and fluffy.  At any participating Spudnuts, you can get a FREE donut with any purchase!

Dunkin' Donuts seems to be just as popular for its coffee nowadays!  Today, you get a free donut with a purchase of a beverage.

This one is hilarious!  Yes, Jiffy Lube is offering free donuts all day, along with free tire checks to make sure you don't end up with a "donut tire" if one goes flat! Way to be creative in the marketing, Jiffy Lube!

It might not have as many of its own locations, but that's not stopping Entenmann's from giving away donuts!  Check out their Facebook Sweepstakes to win free donuts for a YEAR!

I saved Krispy Kreme for last.  Not because I have dreams about them (but maybe I do!) but because you don't even have to buy ANYTHING here for your free donut!  Now that's reason to celebrate!

Where did you get your #NationalDonutDay treat?  Let us know your fave spot int he comments!

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