Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Can Your Love Life Survive Facebook?

With the Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg tying the knot this weekend, it seemed timely to bring up this nugget of social media information that shocked even Social Diva.
33% of divorce petitions mention Facebook. 
This statistic is courtesy of a survey from a UK divorce website.  I have heard of, and actually experienced, Facebook sparking the demise of a relationship.  But a full THIRD of divorces?! That’s massive.  Delving further into the details, here are the top 3 ways Facebook is cited in divorce petitions:
1)      Inappropriate messages to members of the opposite sex. (aka:  they FIND/INITIATE/MAINTAIN an affair on Facebook.)
2)      Separated spouses posting nasty comments about each other. (aka: they FUEL the separation publicly.)
3)      Facebook friends reporting spouse’s behavior.  (aka: maybe waking up to a Facebook message reading, by the way your husband was out last night with another woman.)
Yikes.  These wall posts and messages are then public information and being brought into court for child custody cases and financial disputes during the divorce. 
How can you protect your marriage?  There is actually a book out called “Facebook and Your Marriage” that discusses just that.  I have a few friends that, after they got married, deleted their individual profiles and started one profile as a couple. 
Is this extreme?  Have you had any relationship Facebook faux pas?  Or been burned by other social media?

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