Monday, May 14, 2012

It's A Wi-Fi World!

We want to be online, everywhere.  If I can’t access my email at any given time, I get a bit of a nervous tick.  What if something important is happening!  Well worry no longer, because it is a Wi-Fi world!

AT&T, the winner of Wireless Week’s Industry Leader award for its Wi-Fi strategy, integration and growth, recently released some Q1 stats showing just how much this Wi-Fi craze is skyrocketing.

On AT&T’s Wi-Fi Network there were more than 626 million connections in the first 3 months of this year.  Crazy!  That means 79 connections every single second, which is 3x more than in the first quarter last year. 

Another reason we’re so hungry for Wi-Fi?  Who’s not on a budget these days?!  Wi-Fi is *free* for most customers and doesn’t eat into your monthly data plan!  So, to satisfy your craving, here’s a list of 10 places you didn’t know had Wi-Fi.  Enjoy!

              Buses: MegaBus and Bolt now offer Wi-Fi while on board.  Buses just got way more cool.
              Courthouses: Some courthouses are now offering Wi-Fi to help you get through the jury duty day that seems to drag on forever! 
              Zoos: AT&T just launched free Wi-Fi at Manhattan’s Central Park Zoo, so you can upload that pic of you and the monkey immediately!
              EZ Lube: Waiting for an oil change just got more enjoyable thank s to free Wi-Fi offered to EZ Lube customers.
              Gyms: Many gyms including Equinox and Gold’s Gym now offer free Wi-Fi to their patrons so they can stay online and stay in shape!
              Laundromat: The dreaded chore of laundry has become much more enjoyable as some Laundromats offer Wi-Fi for customers to use when they aren’t folding clothes!
              Parks: This one is my favorite.  Catch up on your emails while soaking in the greenery of your local park!  AT&T has launched free Wi-Fi at 21 park locations in NYC.  It’s the new big thing.
              Special Events:  From the Super Bowl to the huge Coachella concert, many special events are now offering Wi-Fi.  In fact, AT&T’s Wi-Fi coverage at Coachella 2012 covered an area totaling 45 football fields!
              Grocery Stores:  In case you need to compare prices, nutritional information, or check that recipe you always forget, many grocery stores are now offering their patrons Wi-Fi service. 
              Stadiums:  Stay connected during the most exciting moments of the game with Wi-Fi at the stadium!  Joining many East Coast sports arenas that are now offering Wi-Fi, The Honda Center recently announced that AT&T Wi-Fi has been installed throughout the venue.  This makes Honda Center one of the first entertainment venues on the West Coast to offer free Wi-Fi!

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