Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Proof Your Work, People!

Proof your work, people!
Mitt Romney’s campaign released a new iPhone app yesterday called “With Mitt”.   All in all, a great idea for a simple app that lets you use different Mitt-promoting, stenciled overlays on the pictures you take.  Whoever you might be voting for, the designs are quite nice looking.  But that’s not what brought this app into the news today.  Let’s just say one of the overlays would have failed a standard spell check.
In the first version of the app, one stenciled overlay reads:
 “A Better Amercia”
I’m not joking.  That’s what it said.  A better A-M-E-R-C-I-A.
How does this happen?  That doesn’t even LOOK right!  I am not making a political statement here.  Heck, Obama’s campaign has had several blunders (57 states, anyone?).  We are all human.  Plus, I’m sure Romney didn’t write the app himself.  But, people have GOT to double check things.  Seems like a pretty big accident, don’t you think?  If I was a conspiracy theorist, I’d be all up in arms about this one.
Alas, I am not. I am Social Media Diva!  So, I am up in arms about this blowing up the social media world. The biggest irony of this explosion is that the app itself encourages sharing the pictures on Facebook and Twitter.  And that’s exactly what happened.
Tumblr now has a whole page entitled “Amercia is with Mitt!” which is dedicated to the erred stencil.
Even Mitt’s promoted hash tag “WithMitt” – used initially by the Romney campaign to announce the app – has pretty much been hijacked with images of the mistake.  And to top it off, #Amercia was trending on Twitter last night and into this morning. 
And while the app might be talked about more than anticipated, I’d guess team Romney will be triple checking everything in the future. 

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