Thursday, December 6, 2012

Instagram "Defriends" Twitter!

The way I see it, Facebook and Twitter were like the odd couple of social media. They are similar, but different enough that people used both.  And everyone seemed happy.  That is, until this September when Facebook's affair with Instagram began!  Sure enough, Facebook bought Instagram and now no one is happy.

The latest feud here is over pictures.  Instagram previously used Twitter as a way to get traction for its images.  But now that it's owned by Facebook, that game plan is changing.  This week, Instagram's CEO announced the company wants to keep users and their images solely on the Instagram site.  Now, Instagram pictures are not displaying correctly on Twitter!  Twitter updated its site this week claiming that Instagram has disabled its integration with Twitter cards (which are used to display images on the site).

Oh. My. Gosh.

This sounds like a bunch of bickering fifth graders to me.

What happened to customer service? What happened to caring about user experience?  Yes, the sites should want users on their site but NOT at the cost of hindering our overall social media experience.
This seems like it is going to be a long and drawn out war.  I've tested images through Instagram and they seem like they are showing up fine on Twitter.  So is this just being blown out of proportion?  Or are we headed into social media throwdown?  Only time will tell.

Are you having compatibility problems between Instagram and Twitter?  Do you think Instagram is right to disable their pictures within tweets?

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