Thursday, November 29, 2012

Could This Be The #Trendiest #Babyname Ever?

Quick, what do these words have in common: Apple, Sparrow, Bluebell.

Yeah, crazy celebrity baby names.  We all get a kick out of them, but I've never understood going for shock value when naming a baby.
This week, my friends, we have what has to be the #trendiest baby name of the #Twitter generation.  I'm giving you clues.  Any guesses yet?


I'm not kidding.

Last Saturday night, baby Hashtag was born and her proud mama posted this pic of the precious child onto Facebook, announcing her birth and her unique name.  Granted, this Facebook post isn't an official birth announcement, but the story has blown up on Twitter and transferred to more mainstream sources including Huffington Post

Sigh, I don't even know anymore.  I thought we'd gotten to a new low last February when the family in Egypt named their son "Facebook" to honor the website's role in igniting Egypt's revolution.  That was different, but at least tied to a worthy cause.  Hashtag?  Someone please tell me why that is necessary or meaningful!

I'd recommend to this girl to start going by "Ash" as quickly as possible.  Otherwise, recess teasing might get pretty rough.

Know of any other crazy baby names? Share your strangest below!

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