Monday, January 27, 2014

Best Social Media Moments from the 2014 Grammys!

Did you watch The Grammy Awards last night? Did your favorite artist win? The Grammys is HUGE on social media- definitely one of the most-tweeted events of the year. To this point, last night there were over 15 MILLION Grammy related Tweets! And we shouldn't let that get to our HEADS. Okay, that is a terrible attempt at a pun but it is strange to me how many of the tweets have to do with heads, hair, helmets and hats!!

Here we go:
HAIR:  If you watched Taylor Swift's lovely performance of her song "All To Well", you might have taken a quick break to the mirror to practice your own hair flip! Taylor's wild head flails landed her with massive amounts of tweets (many hoping her neck isn't sore today!) and even several Vine videos like these ones!!
HELMETS: Daft Punk, notorious for not showing their faces due to helmets and robotic wear, managed to go through the entire night fully donned in helmets and not saying an entire word! Needless to say, after winning four Grammys including album of the year, the Twittersphere had enough to say for the both of them! ,
HATS:  This might have been the most talked about article of clothing on Twitter last night. That means a lot too because the "style" chatter about the dresses and shoes and jewels and costumes was, as usual, plentiful. Pharrell's lovely hat. And while most of the Twittersphere laughed at it, Pharrell did fine for himself, never once missing a beat with this hat and also taking home two Grammys for Record of the Year and Producer of the Year. AND this hat gave us one of the BEST brand tweets of the night. Actually, I am going to go out there and say this might be one of my favorite brand tweets of all time.  It is relevant, current and SO tied into the company's brand that it almost seems too good to be true. Thanks, Arby's, for restoring my faith in branded tweets!!
What was your favorite GRAMMYs moment??


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