Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Couldn't Dr. King Have Gotten 140 Characters All To Himself??

It's kinda becoming cliche.  Every national holiday or big media event, brands tweet and try to supply relevant content about the day, mixed with a message about their brand.  Well MLK day was no different.  While there were less HUGE disasters, it seems like people are still struggling to get this right.  So, let's dig deeper into these struggles and cross our fingers that we can get it right next time!!

Struggle #1:  Squeezing yourself in, i.e. "The ME TOO!"
Example: PETA
Reason: Look, I am an animal LOVER.  Play me one of those Sara McLaughlins and I am bawling like a newborn baby.  But, newsflash, MLK day isn't about animals.  So why try to sneak your agenda in?  Can we not give Dr. King 140 characters to himself!?

Struggle #2: Making it about you, i.e. "The LOOK AT ME!"
Example: Canoe and Kayak Magazine
Reason: WHAT?! What does this even mean?  At least PETA was trying to tie themselves into the theme of hardship and struggle.  This is just lazy.  How does kayaking "honor" MLK? I don't understand.  If your content is not relevant to the day, try making it relevant to an experience.  This tweet would have made a lot more sense with "Celebrate the long weekend by checking out these dream sea kayaking trips."  Then, have a separate tweet to wish people Happy Martin Luther King Day.  Geez. 

Struggle #3: Trying too hard, i.e. "The NICE TRY"
Example: Chicken Of The Sea
Reason: This comes down to knowing your brand and having a consistent brand voice. Honestly, it's not a terrible effort by Chicken Of The Sea.  But, common.  I can't take this seriously!  The tweet seems like it is being spoken by your mascot, this blonde Barbie-like mermaid girl holding a magic wand.  So while a lovely quote, the tweet as a whole doesn't seem consistent with the lighthearted and quirky brand. 

Did you see any tweets you thought were worse than these?  Any that you particularly liked?

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