Friday, January 24, 2014

Super Bowl Sunday: Pick A Side!

Football fans across the nation are getting their TVs ready, their refrigerators stocked and their favorite team's jersey out in preparation for Super Bowl Sunday!  Let's add to that list this year and get the computers and mobile phones out because social media "Super Bowl style" is already in action.
An interesting trend is developing in social media this week as we lead up to the big game.   

Usually all the Twitter-sphere is focused on is how excited we are about the commercials!  Sure, maybe you get an occasional "GO TEAM" or "BEAT THE OTHER TEAM", but that's about it.  This year, even the potential postponement of the Super Bowl (yeah, yeah, this is being talked about but I'll believe it when I see it!) is being dwarfed by something even BIGGER.  Ever since Richard Sherman gave a heated rant about his game-winning play and deep-seated rivalry with Michael Crabtree last week, social media has been abuzz with harsh criticisms, witty memes and heartfelt defenses of Sherman.  This is feeding the pre-game social media chatter to be more and more about the actual game and its players!!

So this Super Bowl Sunday, you need to pick a side!  No, I don't mean about who wins.  I mean about social media's biggest debate: Richard Sherman, love him or leave him!  Your time to pick a side is dwindling, so to help you out, I've found you quick links to the most popular arguments on both sides.  Check them out below, and let us know your vote in the comments!


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