Thursday, July 10, 2014


The World Cup is such an awesome time!  The fans are intense!! Very intense.  Maybe I am a fair-weather soccer fan... I don't really follow during a normal season.  HOWEVER, the excitement around the World Cup is electrifying and I think it's cool that even casual fans of soccer want to be a part of it!!

And, it is electrifying all over the globe.  A great way to see that take shape is over Twitter. Last week's Brazil vs. Chile game attracted - get this -  over 16.4 million tweets!! This makes the game the most tweeted game of the World Cup thus far, and possibly the most tweeted sports event EVER!!  Let's put this into perspective.  Sometimes we throw around numbers like "16.4 million tweets" and don't really comprehend how many that is!  There are about four million people living in Los Angeles.  So this would be like every single person in Los Angeles, New York and Chicago tweeting - and then some!!
Twitter Handles such as "TwitterData" take note of the trends on the site during crucial moments of the game.  For example, in the Brazil vs. Chile game, the most tweeted moment - raking up almost 389,000 tweets in a single minute - was the moment Chilean defender Gonzalo Jara missed a crucial penalty kick allowing Brazil the win.  

It's also amazing to see the impact of how global Twitter truly is!  USA may be out of the World Cup, but we can still cheer for the winner of most tweets!!

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