Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Classy Lady Gaga Broke Twitter!

People usually have a lot of thoughts when you bring up Lady Gaga.  Not the least of which are flying costumes, dresses made of meat and weird gigantic head gear.

But the words that aren't usually top of mind are PURE CLASS.  At last night's Oscar's awards, though, that is exactly what she was.

Lady Gaga looked GORGEOUS and sounded even better during her "Sound Of Music" tribute performance.  And basically, the performance all but broke Twitter.  In a night of awards and great speeches, Lady Gaga's performance beat every other moment during the broadcast as far as number of tweets.

I have to admit, the whole time I was watching I couldn't keep my jaw off the floor.  She was so, so amazing.  It's no wonder she beat all the other Twitter numbers, she was the highlight of the night! 

There were, of course, other topics at play during the evening.  You know, like the nominees and awards.  Time Magazine put out a pretty cool timelapse chart to show which Oscar nominated movies were trending in real time during the show.  Of course, the Best Picture winner ended up on top by the end of the night.  Go, Birdman!

What was your favorite moment of the show?  And were you just thinking OMG the entire time Lady Gaga was on!?

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