Tuesday, February 10, 2015

How Kanye Actually Won The Grammys

Kanye West didn't win an actual Grammy Award last night, but he definitely won on social media.

If you didn't see the big show last night, then you missed Kanye's fake out stage crash. Reminiscent of his 2009 crash of Taylor Swift's award speech (gosh, that video still makes me cringe), Kanye headed up to the stage after the Album of The Year Award was presented to Beck.  The whole audience seemed to hold their breath until Kanye stopped, smirked and sat back down.  Whether he was joking all along, or just decided not to actually crash another speech, who knows.  But I am glad he sat down!  

The Twittersphere was not pleased with Kanye's antics.  The awkward interaction ranked as the most tweeted moment of the Grammys in terms of tweets per minute, and landed Kanye as the most tweeted about celeb at The Grammys.

What did you think of Kanye rushing the stage?  'So funny' or 'So rude'?

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