Monday, February 2, 2015

It Was A Super Social Super Bowl!

The Patriots might have been named champions last night, but the Super Bowl itself also won a prize.  Namely, the "most tweeted Superbowl ever".  

With 28.4 million tweets, almost 20% more than last year's game, Super Bowl XLIX was a huge social media success.  

The game's three most tweeted moments were stacked toward the second half: 
3) The end of Katy Perry's halftime show (284,000 tweets per minute)
2) The moment the Patriots finally won the game (379,000 tweets per minute)
1) Malcolm Butler's interception, 20 seconds before the game ended (395 tweets per minute)

But, as we know, the Twittersphere doesn't end at the game itself.  Super Bowl commercials are a huge deal in the social media world.  In fact, almost half of the 66 TV advertisements that aired during the game incorporated a specific hashtag for viewers to tweet promoting the spot or the brand.  Facebook and Snapchat took home a piece of that action too, both being mentioned in commercials including the "Pitch Perfect 2" movie spot, which was Snapchat's Super Bowl debut.  

How do you think the brands did?  What was your favorite Super Bowl commercial?

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